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Parish Council Minutes - June 12, 2017

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Present: Father Seitz, Jo Brennan, Larry Griffin, Steve Lusk, Chris Mohning, Gloria Svoboda, Bill Tusa, Cissa Tusa, Tom Wieneke

Absent: Julie Kiehl, Laura Svoboda

Joining the Meeting: Mike Brinkman, Rose Riley

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order by Tom Wieneke. Father Seitz opened with a scene from “The Passion of Christ” reflecting on the crucifixion and resurrection, Body and Blood of Christ relating to the Last Supper.

Welcome new Council Members, Larry Griffin and Laura Svoboda.

Minutes: The minutes of the January 30, 2017 meeting were reviewed and Cissa Tusa moved they be approved. This was seconded by Steve Lusk. Minutes were approved as written.

FINANCIAL REPORT: Mike Brinkman reviewed the Financial Report through May 2017. Discussion followed. Special emphasis was on the amount of money owed from the Student Loan program. Mike and Father will be looking at sending a letter to those graduated students who still owe on their loans.

Father discussed the Rooted in Faith fund distribution and the current data on the 2017 Bishops Appeal.


Furnaces: Father reported the furnaces are complete and paid for by a donor.

Air Conditioning: Father reported the air conditioning should be started next week and perhaps this may be paid for by a donation as well.


Compensation for Musicians: After discussion of current compensation for musicians, Cissa moved we vote a pay increase for musicians on Sunday to $50.00 per Mass. This was seconded by Gloria. Council approved the motion.

Storage for Knights: Tom suggested that the Knights have a storage room on the 1st floor for their supplies. Tom will take it up with Mary regarding the small storage area by the east door.

Cemetery Signs: Tom shared a photo of the new signs in the Riverside Cemetery and suggested Good Shepherd get the same signs to be posted. It asks that all décor be removed 1 week after a holiday for mowing purposes.

Carpeting in School: Father reported that the Parish Hall Youth Room and the hallway will be getting new carpeting in July. This is badly needed in that area.

New Fans in the Church: Father reported that M& H Electric will be installing replacement fans in the church. The current fans are old and noisy and don’t move much air. They will also put up a new light to illuminate the mosaic.

FAITH FORMATION: Mary Brinkman submitted a report outlining activities in Faith Formation for this year. This included numbers of children attending.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted:
Rose Riley
Secretary, Good Shepherd

Parish Council Minutes - November 14, 2016

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Present: Father James Seitz, Jo Brennan, Julie Kiehl, Chris Mohning, Gloria Svoboda, Cissa Tusa, Tom Wieneke

Absent: Steve Lusk, Bill Tusa

Joining the Meeting: Mike Brinkman, Accountant

Father Seitz opened the meeting with a snippet of film from the movie. “Jesus of Nazareth” and a prayer. Father announced the Advent Retreat: 33 Days to Morning Glory will start on Sunday the 20th.

Minutes: The minutes of the August 22nd, 2016 meeting were reviewed and Cissa Tusa moved they be approved. This was seconded by Gloria Svoboda.


Roof Garage and Church roofs have been completed and paid for.

Building and Grounds Father reported that the next big project would be to paint the Rectory and the Church, perhaps next summer. Perhaps the Knights would be available to assist in this project.

North Wall of the School/Bats This project is complete at this time. No bats have been seen.

Lawsuits Father reported that the lawyers are currently working with the insurance companies to decide how to handle these claims. Resolution will be modeled after the Duluth Diocese and could take up to 2 years.

College Fund No action has been taken to contact those students that didn’t pay back their loan. This is still a future project for Mike and Father.

Drone Pictures The drone pictures that were taken of the Church, School and Rectory are done and have been narrowed down to 5-6. This will be framed to match the history picture and will hang opposite the history picture in the entry of the Church.

New Business

Appointment of new Council Members This was tabled for now. A suggestion was made to open up the opportunity to join the council and publish in the bulletin to see if anyone is interested.

Appliance inspection for kitchen Suggestion was made to have the kitchen appliances inspected on a regular basis. Cathy can work with Bill Roder to get the appropriate inspector here for this job.

Faith Formation The Council was provided a report prepared by Mary Brinkman of the activities of Faith Formation.

Financial Report Mike Brinkman joined the group to review the October 2016 Financial Statement. The Statement of Financial Position for year to date was reviewed and discussed. The Statement of Activities for the July through October, 2016 was reviewed and discussed.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:30 pm with a prayer.

Respectfully submitted:
Rose Riley
Secretary, Good Shepherd

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